“RAFT” … Retirement Approach Free of Tax

I first met Dave and Laurett Arenz at a conference in San Diego July 2016. They're husband and wife team with their own national radio show called Hero's Talk Radio focused on helping people achieve a tax free retirement using the RAFT strategy or Retirement Approach Free of Tax. I was so impressed with their show that I decided to become a Strategic Wealth Coach of The RAFT Strategy.         

The RAFT Strategy ( Equity indexed insurance contracts ) provides minimal limits on contributions and has two options for investing. The investor can choose annually either the fixed interest rate option, or follow a specific index, such as the S&P 500. When the investor chooses to follow an index, their account will participate in a percentage of the gains of that index, yet when the index falls, the investor will not lose based on negative markets.

Tax-free income is generated from these insurance contracts by obtaining interest free loans from the contract cash value. These loans work similarly to home equity loans in the sense that the investor does not pay income tax on the money borrowed. Unlike a home equity loan, though, the investor does not have to pay back the loan balance during their lifetime. This is pertinent to tax codes 7702 and 72(e).

The need to start diversifying away from taxes is now. With the national debt continuing to grow, social programs in jeopardy and all time low tax rates, taxes will need to go up to pay down the national debt. Tax deferred programs are helping Uncle Sam's retirement and hurting an investors net spendable dollar during retirement years. All investors want more disposable income. This can be accomplished by cutting the IRS out of your retirement.

Unfortunately most investors have learned how easy it is to lose 20%, 30%, 50% or more of their investment portfolio. There is a safe solution.

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