Why Cross Your Fingers Hoping for Growth When you can Invest for Income

Why Cross Your Fingers Hoping for Growth When you can Invest for Income

June 23, 2020

With the DOW up nearly 40% and the S&P 500 up nearly 28% from Mar 23 when the market hit its bottom due to COVID-19 you have to wonder if the fundamentals really support this market rise? There seems to be a great disconnect between where the stock market is now and the reality of what the fundamentals are telling us. If you are within 10-years of retirement Wall Street is giving you a gift that you should consider taking advantage of regarding your retirement accounts.

Now is good time to consider shifting from a growth mindset to an income mindset. You may have heard of the term total return (TR) which equals income (I) plus growth (G) so in periods when there is very little growth potential invest for the I and reinvesting what you don’t need you get the G.

Chamberlin Financial now offers investment advisory services through our registered investment advisory firm Sound Income Strategies LLC which has over 1.1 billion under management. All our accounts are held at TD Ameritrade.

We offer a Personalized Retirement Analysis which is not a generic report that is pre-written, like a whitepaper. It is literally a personalized retirement analysis that you can get based upon your own personal situation to evaluate one of two things, and you can choose from the following:

You can choose from either your Bear Market Risk Analysis Report or an Income Risk Analysis Report. The Bear Market Risk Analysis Report helps you determine your exposure, based upon your asset balance, should the market take another major leg down. Or, an Income Risk Analysis Report, which can help you calculate your exposure to the possibility of your income getting cut in case you are retired or close to retirement.