How to access assets in a qualified plan while helping reducing taxes

How to access assets in a qualified plan while helping reducing taxes

September 15, 2020

Did you know that 30.1 trillion dollars are owned by individuals in qualified plans? What if you could move assets that seem to be trapped in your qualified retirement plan? Investors who have assets of 1,000,000+ and a total net worth of $5,000,000+ can use this tax mitigation system to do just that. All distributions from qualified plans are taxable to the recipient, but there is a legal way to get tax relief on distributions from qualified plans like a 401(k) or an IRA. 

Your only retirement account distribution options are to take Required Minimum Distributions per IRS rules, convert to a Roth IRA or this innovative tax mitigation system.

While following existing codes and guidelines, this method repositions the assets in a qualified retirement plan, with a portion of your outside personal savings, into a Roth and life insurance policy. This means a significant tax reduction for your retirement.  


  1. How much of your retirement account do you think will be lost to taxes?
  2. Do you want to leave more of your retirement account to your family or the IRS?
  3. Do you want to stretch your retirement account to leave a legacy?
  4. Have you considered the impact of stock market risk on your legacy?

The Secure Act eliminated stretch IRA planning effective January 1, 2020 but you can use Safe Harbor rules to help reduce the tax liability on your retirement accounts and help eliminate downside stock market risk. This tax mitigation system gives you flexibility and eliminates RMDs. It is your legacy on your terms.   

This strategy is very complex and should only be done by a fiduciary advisory team that specializes in qualified plans.